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Surprise 50th Birthday
I'm having about 65 people. I have 1 large tray of Chicken Marsala. 1 large tray of chicken cutlet parm. 1 large tray of sausage and peppers. 1 large tray of eggplant parm. 1 large tay of chicken wings. 1 large tray of baked ziti. 1 large tray of meatballs and sausage.1 small tray of roasted potatoes. 1 large salad. Taco salad,deveiled eggs,veggie platter,cheese platter,dips and chips and a birthday cake. That should be good right? Or do i also need a hero?
You definitely do not need a hero. What you do need is 1-2 more trays of potatoes. Have a good time.