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Potatoe pancakes and hot apple cider
For the military red ribbon run the local JROTC wants to sell potatoe pancakes and hot apple cider. The event draws approx 3,500 people ove a period of 3 hrs. Ther will be other food sold bother member as well. My question is how much apple cide should we attemp to sell. The same with potatoe pancakes, i thought 3 pancakes per portion, but don't know how to calculate on many people want this food. Plus how much could we charge. How many lbs of potatoes are needed? Any input is greatly appreciated, since these young high school cadets were basically thrown intobcold water! Thank yo for yor help!
The apple cider is fine, it can be done in clean coffee urns, but the potato pancakes will be quite difficult- anything requiring a griddle is. Are they deeply attached to this idea?

How much you sell depends on your price, competing prices and foods/drinks, and so forth. Must have more info to help.

Figure out how much you need to make, to help figure out how much food and beverage.

That is figure out how much money you need to make...
The cadets are happy with any amount of money they can make. I thought maybe about 280 cups of cider and approx 360 pancakes, plus they want to sell 500 small bottles of Gatorade. I'll go ad price stuff in the Commissary (military grocery store) tomorrow. Thank you a billion times for ypur help.
Regarding the pancakes they were basically told that's what they have to sell, the easier stuff went to the active duty :)
OK. The easiest way to do the potato pancakes is to cook them all ahead to brown, freeze, then only reheat on a nice hot oily griddle. Check on the price of the little apple sauces; this is a great addition to potato pancakes, could be optional, $.50 extra.
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