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Awards Night Supper
Ellen, I am a non-professional caterer and have been asked to make this supper for about 135 people. They would like Roast beef, ham mashed potatoes and gravy, cabbage rolls, 2 salads and 1 veg., also two desserts, one of which must be cocolate. I need to cook this at home and transport to the location wich is 35 miles away. One of the questions I have is how many ounces of meat do I alot when they is 3 meat? 2 oz. each for a total of 6? I assume I will have to make at least 1 cabbage roll per person. I thought for the salads, 1 ceasar and 1 Greek. Vegetable-peas(they are easy and most people like them. Desserts- apple crisp, and come kind of chocolate trifle? Help!!!.
Use the tables to prepare a first estimate; 1 1/3 times the amount for 100 for the beef, 1 pound per 5 in addition for the ham. 1 cabbage roll per person plus about 10%- ALMOST EVERYONE WILL TAKE ONE, AND ALSO SOME MEAT.

You need 5 ounces cooked beef plus 3 ounces cooked second meat for party service, especially if it is buffet.

You MUST transport the hot food in heated transport; either buy or rent Cambros, or learn how to preheat and use large ice chests.

In most states it is strictly illegal to prepare food for sale in your home kitchen, legal to prepare in the kitchen of the host.