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Christmas Dinner
Beverly Amos
We are planning a Church Christmas a buffet banquet for about 120 .. 20 being children. Planning on mostly turkey and Ham for those who does not like turkey. , 2 veggies. potatoes and cranberry sauce, Plus pumpkin pie and some cakes for desert.

Here is what I was thinking perhaps you can correct me if I am wrong:
12 to 15 lbs turkeys = 10 to 12 turkeys
15 to 18 lbs """"""" = 14 to 16
18 to 20 lbs """"""" = 8 to 10

thought about 5lbs 5-7 hams

Potatoes about 30 lbs
Stuffing 18 to 20 pounds
cranberries half a can on each table
3 gallons of each veggie
rolls one per person
gravy will be made from the broth

Would appreciate any input on this as it is the first time we are doing this. Thanks

Hi, Beverly,

Good effort. Looks like too much meat. Did you look at the shopping guide for the large turkey and ham dinner, at the top of big pots?

You need 100 pounds whole turkey, 25 pounds ham.

Potatoes about 30 lbs- I would do 40
Stuffing 18 to 20 pounds- about 4 gallons
cranberries half a can on each table- 1 can per 6-8 persons, you need 1/2 whole berry, 1/2 jelly
3 gallons of each veggie- I do 4
rolls one per person- allow 1 1/2- bread is cheap. 4 pounds butter.
Gravy- at least 2 gallons

Thank you Ellen,
That is a big help our committee is meeting tomorrow after church and I wanted some sort of guide. This was very helpful