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Southern Wedding/Gumbo, nor Jambalaya
Planning a self-catered reception (with help) in the town green across from my home,for my grandson. Amount of Gumbo needed for 100 people, which includes rice in the recipe, not separately. How much chicken or shrimp per 100?
The rehearsal dinner will be a shrimp boil for 30-40,the evening before.Recipe for gumbo?? Everybody's is different. Shrimp boil=French bread. Gumbo=cornbread. Other frugal suggestions??? (sweet tea, of course). Lemonade, Champagne toasts, coffee.
Hi, Juliette,

If I were doing a shrimp boil for the rehearsal dinner, I would not do shrimp for the wedding reception; it is one of the most expensive foods you can offer. A chicken and sausage gumbo would be perfectly fine. You want 12 gallons if the rice is cooked in and the sides are light.

12-14 pounds of bread per 100 per meal. Butter and honey or jam nice for the cornbread.

You want some heavy sides for the rehearsal dinner, or you will run out of shrimp; potato plus pasta salads, for example; fruit trays; selection of homemade cookies and bars, maybe with ice cream, for dessert, which you can start making and freezing now.

How about one great side dish for the gumbo? Mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes, something like that?

Thanks for the suggestions. Didn't mention that a shrimp boil includes new potatoes and corn on the cob, all cooked together. (Messy, but that's their choice). Mac and cheese is everybody's favorite when not out of a box, so a good idea as an alternative. I have experimented with mini-tarts from rolled pie crust, I have pans for 48,(4 mini-pans) so not too much work. I filled them with pudding, and added touches-a raspberry, chocolate curls, black-berry jam, etc. (Snak-pak pudding-about 6 tarts from each container-24 per $1 of pudding--don't tell anyone) so very reasonably priced, and delicious. Chicken and sausage gumbo sounds like a good balance. Thanks again. Julie (P.S. We're on the Gulf Coast, and shrimp costs less than beef, and costs even less and fresher right off the boat.)
Lived in Biloxi myself for years, you lucky shrimp eater. The thing about the shrimp is, people eat at least a half pound (3/4 if it is self serve), where 1 pound of beef can serve 3, depending on the dish.
We're 15 miles from Biloxi. I'll bet you all were military too. Anyhow, I stand corrected. It WILL be Jambayla, and NOT gumbo. Second entree will be red beans and rice, with sausage. So much for my concerns, but the info on the amounts was valueable. Thanks again. You all come on down again. Julie
There is a recipe for jambalaya for 100 in the basic budget entrees section of Big Pots, you can use for quantities. My favorite red beans recipe is here:


I'll check out those options. Thanks again, Ellen, and God Bless you, dear lady!! And have a fun day.....Julie
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