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Mark R
I am cooking for approx 300 people at church and have the folloeing menu:

German Potatoe Salad
Red Cabbage
Apple Sauce
Apple struddle w/Ice Cream

How much of each should we buy?

Allow 1 pound of brats per 3 if there are no other meats offered. 8 pounds pretzels per 100. Everything else is actually covered in the plan for 100 lists and the sandwich list, even the sauerkraut.
The strudel, depends on the size, your want probably 1/6- 1/8 of the strudel per person. It takes 5 gallons per 100 to serve ala mode.

Post your estimate s if you want me to check them.

Suggest you have several pounds of vegetarian suasages cooked up separately for the non-brat eaters; there will be some.