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50 people for Baby Shower
Hi Ellen,

Here is what I am having, please let me know if this is too much or not enough:

Chicken (fried & baked) 100 pcs.
Italian Beef (50 4oz servings)
Italian Sausage w/peppers (50 4oz. sausages)
Mashed Potatoes w/gravy (50 servings)
Green Bean Almondine (50 servings)
Pasta Salad (large pan)
Cheesecake (50 small servings)
Lasagna (2 large pans)
Garden Salad (large pan)
Meatballs (150)
Veggie Tray (small - 25 people)
Fruit Tray (small - 25 people)

I will be using my chocolate fountain with the following:

Fresh strawberries
Fresh pineapple

And of course, a cake for 60 servings. Thanks Ellen for any suggestions.

Forgot to mention, it's from 3pm-7pm and will be a co-ed shower.
As you suspected, too much of some foods and not quite enough of others. Here is how I would tweak your amounts:

Chicken (fried & baked) 100 pcs.- max, 50 pieces
Italian Beef (50 4oz servings)- 30
Meatballs (150)- OK
Italian Sausage w/peppers (50 4oz. sausages)-25-30
Mashed Potatoes w/gravy (50 servings)- OK
Green Bean Almondine (50 servings)-OK
Pasta Salad (large pan)2-3 pounds dry pasta plus fixings, with the potatoes 2 is probably plenty
Cheesecake (50 small servings)- with cake, about 40 servings is plenty!
Lasagna (2 large pans)- Ok, you will have some left
Garden Salad (large pan)-OK

Veggie Tray (small - 25 people)- how about a relish tray instead, since you have salad? 1/2 the classic relish tray at the top of the veggie tray page.
Fruit Tray (small - 25 people)- do 50, using some of the dipping fruits as part

Have dinner coffee along with your cold beverage.


You are a gem! Thank you so much. I will take your advice and apply it.

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