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Carol Rouly
I am planning a dinner for 350 people I am having Loaded mashed potatos, green beans, and corn casserole and hot homemade rolls and fresh fried chicken tender I ha ve not decided on 2nd meat.How much of each item will I need and how manyp lbs of chiken and met Please help me
Pretty much everyone who eats meat eats chicken tenders. Instead of a second meat, you might consider a second elegant veggie, such as ratatouille, eggplant Parmesan, or scalloped tomatoes or summer squash, that non-meat eaters can also use as an entree serving.

In any case, with one meat, you would want 2 pounds raw boneless, skinless chicken per 5 people. If it is one of 2, you would want 2 pounds of meat A per 6 people PLUS 1 pound of meat B per 4 people (and beef is always meat A if it is served); people eat more meat, and often some of both, when 2 meats are served.

If you are planning a potato bar, you will need at least 3 separate complete double sided potato bars to serve everyone in a timely fashion.

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