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my husband 60 B day for +/- 60 guest and BBQ
gundi schatke
Hello Ellen,

I love your site, and now the big questions, I was planning a BBQ (with suckling piglette max. 30 pounds), Baby back ribs, Beef ribs, chicken)( how much meat I should purchases?) as a side order i was thinking Lentsil salad, Pasta and veggie Salad, what I could serve as easy and manageble Appetizer (served upon arrival at the Pool party after a 18 hole golf game)
I have two issues 1.) the Beach, it might be windy and/or super hot 2.) not much time and space for heating items and preferable not to much items, which might have to be cooled to long.
Thank you so much for your succestion.
Respectfully Gundi in Hollywood FL

Hi, Gundi, sounds like a great party for your lucky spouse. Good menu, nice sides.

I would do fruit trays including pineapple and a cheese tray with crackers or bread for your appetizers, cold, prepped ahead.

You might want to do a little adjusting on the meat, for example, I would omit the baby back ribs since you already have the piglet.
BBQ (with suckling piglette max. 30 pounds), OK
Baby back ribs, SKIP???
Beef ribs, 1 per person
chicken, 1 piece per person