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pulled pork in a roaster oven
Sandy Mahre
I have 34 lbs of pork butt for pulled pork sandwhiches: I want to cook it in sauce in my 18 qt hamilton beach roaster. Does anyone know how long & at what temp to cook it at?

I need an answer ASAP
cooking in two days!!

It is too much for one roaster. You eitrher need to do it in 2 batches, get 2 roasters, aor do it in the oven and reheat in the roaster in batches.

There are pulled pork recipes on several threads, use the search feature or advanced google search this site.

Thank you ellen.
I will do it in two batches from what I read the temperature should be 250 for 16 to 20 hours in my roaster oven is this correct? My butcher cut my 8 lbs roasts in half for me so will the meat cook faster that way? I put the roasts in the frige yeterday morning but they are still mostly frozen can I start cooking them when they are half thawed?