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green rice
I need to make green rice for 100 do you have a recipe
There are different ways to make this, some with cheese, some with spinach; but here is a simple one, where the green is just tossed in:

Cook 10 pounds of long grain rice with salt and oil. Fluff and set aside.

Green onions, sliced, 2 quarts, 1 2/3 pounds
Green bell peppers, chopped, 2 quarts, 2 1/2 pounds
Vegetable oil, 1/2 cup
Cook the vegetables in the oil until tender.

Parsley, chopped, 10 ounces or about 1 quart
Black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon

Spread the all the vegetables across the pan(s), toss together.

You might add 6 cups of any of the following just before mixing:
fresh dill
fresh oregano
fresh cilantro
and/or mix drained diced green chiles or crushed garlic with the scallions and bell peppers.