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Cooking for 150
I will be making roast beef for 150 people. I will be baking potatoes, onions, & carrots with the roast beef. I think I will have it pre-sliced. Do you have a good recipe for this? I think it will take about 50 lbs of beef to feed 150. We will also be serving baked chicken. Thank you so much for your help
Jenna, it will take about 70 pounds of raw beef to make party size portions for 150 people, even with chicken added. When both are available, many people take both.

Pre-sliced is extraordinarily easy to overcook. Please look at the roast beef page, then write back and tell me what cut of meat you are roasting, so I can give good advice. Also, what is the event, and what else is being served, these affect the amounts.

What cut of meat do you recommend? This is for a friend's wedding anniversary dinner. We will be preparing chicken, green beans, chicken casserole, toss salad, mac/cheese, corn & rolls. Thanks so much for your help. I thought if we had it pre-sliced it would take most of the work out of it for us but definetly do not want it to be dry. Thanks so much for your help! Also how many potatoes & carrots do we need?
If the budget is limited, a pot-roasted chuck is a very good choice. If medium, a roasted top round or rump. If no concern, prime rib, of course. The amount depends very much on if it is buffet service, and you want to have someone standing there serving if you go with the more costly meats.
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