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forgot to add lemon juice to tomato sauce
Hi, I just canned a batch of tomato sauce. I did 5 jars and filled them with lemon juice then took out 2 more jars and filled them and put them in to process. I am now wondering if I put the lemon juice in the last 2 jars. I feel like I did but am not sure. Now that they are processing I can't remember which 2 are the ones that I may have forgotten to put it in. I don't have enough lemon juice to take them all out and add it. And I know the 5 already have it in.
The lemon juice is for safety, assuming you are in a water bath, you need to use those first. If pressure canned they will hold better. If you don't know, keep them all in the fridge till you use them, or freeze them (you may have to repackage).