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50th wedding anniversary for 150 people
HI Ellen I am making mostacholi and need to know how much sauce and noodles to get also making pasta con broccoli need to know how much noodles then i am making a pasta house salad how much romaine and iceberg would i need? also buying 200 peices fried chicken and 200 bread sticks also having a fruit and veg tray how many of them would i need? thank you Tina
Hi, Tina,
Your amounts depend partly on the age mix of the crowd, if they are mostly the age of the celebrants, or mixed ages. Also the time of day and how long the party is. Can you send me more information??? I also have some questions about your menu.

As to the menu, that is an awful lot of pasta. I would not do the pasta salad with the 2 hot dishes.

Mostacioli how much sauce and noodles
pasta con broccoli need to know how much noodles
You need a TOTAL of 16-18 pounds pasta. Divide according to your preference.
1 quart of sauce minimum per pound of mostacioli. 1 pound chopped broccoli per each pound of dry pasta for that recipe.
pasta house salad (skip?)
romaine and iceberg- is this in the pasta salad, or is it a green salad???

200 pieces fried chicken- If this is mixed with legs and wigs, you need 300 pieces
200 bread sticks- at least 300 unless they are very large

fruit tray- yes, see fruit tray page
veg tray- older folks usually prefer mixed relish trays, see the veggie tray page.