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Cooking for 200 at Wedding
Just nervous about quantities for this evening wedding reception for 200. We're doing "stations" for sliders, mashed potatos and salad. Two kinds of sliders, pulled pork and hamburger. I'm allowing about 35 lbs. of cooked pulled pork and 240 mini burgers. Cooking 60 lbs. of potatoes, they are served in cups with an ice cream scoop so quantity is limited. We are also having appetizers and the salad/fruit station so this is not the only food. What do you think?
I think you are somewhat short on food.

Sandwiches OK but none left over.

70 pounds of potatoes minimum (I usually make 80 pounds for 200), and how about some toppings? With no other starches, this is light. Maybe a pasta salad on the salad bar?

You need to plan for the 20 or so people who don't eat meat- maybe a big bowl of egg salad, cheeses, etc? for sandwich making.

Judy Johnson
Thanks so much for your input! Yes, the potato station will have cheese, sour cream, real bacon bits, green onions and butter for toppings. I will bump it up to 70-80 lbs.

Salad bar will have assorted spring lettuce with chopped tomatoes and croutons; choice of two dressings. Also big veggie trays with ranch dressing and about 240 6" fruit kabobs. Also, it's 101 degrees here at 9:00 p.m. so people are eating a little lighter! And this is Texas, so everybody eats meat!

Seriously, I appreciate so much your advice...I am a fan!!

Judy Johnson
Just FYI, we had plenty of food and lots of leftovers. Don't know if it's the hot weather affecting appetites or what, but it all turned out beautifully. Thanks again!
Thanks for the update and congratulations.
i"m doing a wedding reception for 175, the main meat is roast beef. how many pounds,and any good suggestions on how to prepare. we are also having ham,potato salad,garlic mashed potatoes.taco salad.any good recipes for taco salad.and corn and green beans. thanks
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