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Burrito Bar for 100-option of nacho or taco salad
Grad party based on 100 people. I plan to have pulled pork, shredded chicken and hamburger with all the sides such as guacamole,salsa, beans, chips, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, and then I was thinking fruit kabobs. I am trying to get an idea of pork shoulder is 10 lbs, how many lbs chicken and hamburger. Help!
Your toppings are the same as a taco, bar, see that article.

You need 6-8 pounds dry rice and beans cooked up as the side dishes, this being a younger group, I would do 8.

Do fruit trays rather than kabobs; easier, keep better, and the leftovers are more usable. See the fruit tray page.

Now, for the meat, you want to end up with about 7 ounces cooked ready to (which is a little over 3/4 of a cup) for each person, a total of about 80 cups. If your pork is boneless, it will make about 16 cups. Chicken makes 2 cups per pound of boneless, skinless meat, or 1 cup per pound of pieces with bone. Hamburger cooks up to about 1 3/4 cup per pound.

So I would do 1/2 hamburger, or 20-25 pounds, about 15 pounds boneless chicken, and your pork. You might have leftovers, but you will not run out.

What is the correct and acceptable way to serve shredded chicken? Chicken breasts? Whole chickens shredded? Is it ok to have dark meat included?
Dark meat is moister and chicken-y-er, holds better; around here skinless boneless thighs are regularly used for fajitas and tacos.

You might use a green enchilada sauce or tomatillo chili sauce as the chicken sauce, tastes great and makes a nice color contrast to the beef.

Serve with a medium size, not large, serving spoon for each meat.