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Sandwhiches for 300 people
Hi Ellen,

I need to be prepared for 300 people visiting a Health Fair. We want to serve flat bread or pita bread open face sandwiches that would contain 2 slices of tomato and slices of cucumber and onion with a bit of dressing on top. I have checked out all of your info. but need to know how thick your tomato slices are on your sandwiches. 12 to 14 lbs. does not sound like a lot per 100 people. Since there is not much to our sandwiches I want the tomato slices to be substantial. What should I do.

Thank you

Hi, Denise,
This is a pretty slim sandwich. I would plan on about 20 pounds of tomatoes per 100, and I would try to persuade your fellow decision-makers to either add 3 ounces of crumbled cheese (feta would be an excellent choice) or tofu salad (see the Clear light page), or at least a richly cheesy or nutty butter dressing. Your diners need some protein.
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