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Quantities for a party of 75 people
I am having a party for my husband. I am working on making a menu on what I would like to serve. Sausages with peppers and onions, chicken parmesan, stuffed shells, ziti, meatballs and sauce, and antipasto. I was going to make 10 pounds sausage, 20 pounds chicken, 2 steam table pans of stuffed shells,7 pounds dry pasta, 10 pounds meatballs, and an antipasto for 30. What suggestions do you have for me to change.
Plenty of food. I would probably do a little less dry pasta (5 pounds) and more antipasto (50 at least).
serving 75 adults fried haddock onto a hamburg bun deep fried bratwurst on to a hotdog roll covered w/summer cole slaw and hotdogs and hamburgers.guests are also bringing assorted potatoe salads and pasta salads=how much fish dogd,hamburgers and brats do i need and of course cocktail hour will start 1hr prior
Steve this is a lot of choices for this small a group, and that means you have to have quite a bit of extra to give all the people their first choices. I would skip the hot dogs completely, do about 50 burgers, 40 brats and 40 fish sandwiches. Rolls and condiments. Almost everyone will have some slaw, even if they do not have the brats.