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Wedding dinner for 225
Geri Eichenauer
I need your help. I'm making dinner for a friends wedding for 215 guests. The menu if as follows and I need help with quantities

Pulled Pork
(served with dollar rolls)
BBQ Chicken Pieces (how many to plan for)
Cole Slaw
Pasta Salad
Green Beans

Thanks so much

You need to end up with 4 ounces ready to eat pork per person, WHICH IS 1 POUND RAW boneless FOR 3 IF SLOW COOKED Plus 1 piece of chicken per person, cutting 8 to the chicken. 3 rolls per person, plus a few extra.

All the other items are in the plan for 100 table, use 2 1/4 times the amount for 100.

You need some more food- appetizers? Fruit and cheese tray

Also, beverages and sandwich condiments?