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Serving 40, 3 types of sandwiches, how many of eac

Sister bridal shower!

I have 3 types of mini croissant sandwich I am serving.

Chicken salad with grapes, ham and cheese, and cucumber veggie.

Also serving hummus and pita bread with veggies, skewers of grape tomatoes and mozzarella balls with a basil leaf, possible potato salad, 7 layer salad, pasta salad, cheese & cracker tray and fruit tray.

40 people all adult women, except for 3 children.

How many of each kind will I need. I think the Chicken salad will be most popular. First thought was 80 total, 30 Chicken salad, 25 ham and cheese, 25 veggie.

Thank you,

You must be anxious, you posted 3 times, that's a record.
You are spot on for the amounts on sandwiches, 80 is right, you want 40 chicken, 25 ham, 15 veggie. Maybe 3 PBJ for the kids?

The potato salad is not needed with the pasta salad and other items, since it is women and not teens or men.

Yes Ellen :)

very anxious...leave tomorrow am (today) for an 8 hr drive. for my sister's shower (that I am in charge of).

Second guessing myself. Had to make sure my numbers were right.

Thank you!