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dessert time limits
I am doing a dessert bar for a wedding and have a variation of desserts ranging from cookies to mini cheesecakes. My question is how long can the mini cheesecake, mousse & strawberry shortcake sit out? The wedding & reception are in the same place with the wedding starting at 4:30. What would you recommend for a set up time?
From manufacture, a maximum of 4 hours at room temp for all at risk foods. That means you count even the time driving home from the store, unless they are in a cooler. Plus all the out of fridge transport, handling and setting time.

Strawberry shortcake doesn't sit well at all. Soggy soggy. So, how about diners assemble their own?

I would not set at risk foodsout from the fridge until the ceremony started (you are not planning on attending the ceremony, right?)

I would have something like cheese platters with tehse desserts. This is VERY late for an afternoon dessert only reception and too early for an evening dessert only reception.