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rigatoni and sauce for a crowd
ellen g
I am making rigatoni and sauce for about 150 people as one of the side dishes.How much pasta should I make,and I plan on using a roaster to keep it warm? At what temperature should I keep it at, and how do I keep it from drying out? My lowest setting on roaster is 150 degrees. This is for a graduation party and Someone is making sauce and meatball, and also sauce and hot sausage. There will be plenty of other food ,but my dish is the only starch/ side. I am mostly concerned about it drying out.
First, yoou will need 2-3 roasters; at least 2 if cooked directly in the cookpan, 3 if in oven dishes inside the cook pan.

If it is the only starch, and teens, I would make 15 pounds dry.

I would bake in the oven (the cookwells can go right in the oven), then place in roasters preheated to 180-200 degrees. Put a crumb topping on the dish, cover with a clean cotton dish towel, and keep covered until served.