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fruit for 300 for wedding
Ms. Ellen, I am a little confused as to the correct amount of fruit per 100, I have looked on the big pots section and there is 2 or different amounts. We will be having cupcakes, cheese and fruit, such as strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, apples grapes and cantaloupe. Exactly how much pr 100 do I need to purchase?? I really appreciate your response.
Gigi, you probably noticed, that some of the trays for 100 are bigger and fancier than others; that is why amounts are different. In your situation with the other foods, the pineapple fruit tray for 25 is a good basic guideline- you would need 10 to 12 times the amounts for 25; as the group gets larger, the amounts needed per person decrease a little bit.

I would skip the apples, as they tend to get brown.