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Taco Bar
I was asked to cater a wedding for a taco bar using deep fried flour tortillas. I will need all the fixings like onions, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. Also with this they want spanish rice, and a fruit salad with a pickle and olive trays. Coffee and punch also of course. Then they also want pacante sauce and tortilla chips on all tables. I need to know about the quantities for 350 people, and how many I should hire for my help. And maybe a price range? Thank you.
First of all, with 350 people, you will need 6-7 bars, and I personally would NEVER agree to do deep fried anything on site for this many people.

You are talking at least 12 servers, 4-5 kitchen crew, a manager. That's $2000 just for the staff.

About $18 per person for the food, not counting desserts and beverages.

They need an appetizer table for the hour while they do pictures and you set up the dinner.

Amounts, see beverage planning table, taco bar article, allow 3 1/2 times the amounts for 100.

You MUST get event liability insurance for yourself and your crew.