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Estimating food for little kids
Hi Ellen,

We're hosting our son's birthday party at a local park with bbq and will be feeding 15 2-year olds, along with 25 adults. We plan on offering sliders, potato salad, baked beans, fruit tray, and guacamole & chips. I am wondering what kind of portion you would estimate for 2 year old kids? For instance, you have said that for a party size portion, 2 pounds raw burger for 5 people, to make about 4 sliders per person. Should I assume 2 sliders per child?

Thanks for your help!!

The rule of thumb for kids under 5 is, 1 tablespoon per year old= 1 serving, so ax serving of slaw or potato salad or meat for a 2 year old is just 2 tablespons (about 1/4 of an adult serving), or 1 slider. Hope that helps.