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Baked Ziti in a roaster oven
Hi Ellen...

You mentioned to start a new thread on this...I do have some more questions...Let me get this right so I understand...

I am cooking the ziti before long will I have it in the roaster oven...I was planning on starting this early in the morn cuz I have so much still to do...I'm thinking we'll be eating somewhere's around 5ish or so...And also...I'm gonna layer the roaster oven with sauce...I was going to use meatballs then some cheese and then the ziti and meatballs then more cheese and just bake it? I've never done this before so I don't want to screw it up. Thanks so much for your help.

Doreen, you can't cook it for 5-8 hours.

The roaster is just like a regular oven, just a little faster and wetter.

Take the cook well pan, do the coating and layiing, stick in the refrigerator. 3 hours before you serve, preheat at least 20 minutes. Insert the pan, cover. Heat at least 2 hours, check temp in the middle wityh aquick read thermometer, when it reaches 180, turn down to 180 to hold.