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Lets see if I have this right.
Okay I think I finally have it planned out after spending hours on your site. I am having an evening reception with about 80-100 people. We are serving a full dinner and having beer and wine. Here are the amounts that I think I need.
~20lb brisket raw
~15lb sausage
~20lb pork shoulder raw (for pulled pork sandwiches)

~9 dozen soft small rolls
~120 kaiser rolls

~25 lbs potatoes for potato salad (12-36 boiled eggs and 1 1/2 -3 qts dressing)
~20 lbs potatoes for mashed potatoes (how much butter and cream do I need?)
~5 big cans beans
~4 big cans corn
~25 boxes of suddenly salad kit (not messing with making from scratch)
~I'm using your greek salad recipe along with the amounts you provided on this site (thank you btw)

~We will also be making cream cheese bacon wrapped jalepenos for a before dinner snack/app so we will be getting 100 jalepenos, cutting them in half.. How much cream cheese do you think we need to fill the peppers and how much bacon to wrap them?

That's it, what do you think? Are we missing anything or do we have too much?

I should have posted this in cooking for 100. My apologies.
No, a new thread is great, much easier to find for me.

Good work on the menu/ estimates. You will have some meats and rolls left, but all will get their first choices. You need sandwich fixings (onions, pickles, etc.) see the sandwich event page.

4 cans of beans is probably plenty.

Not sure what a suddenly salad kit is? Google says a pasta salad. May I strongly encourage you to do one of the pasta salads for 100 on this site? Easy, truly, and much cheaper, and you don't have to open all those little bags. You can use frozen veggies just thawed, broccoli cuts, fiesta corn, and 6 pounds of pasta and have a very easy time of it.

You will need about 6 pounds of cream cheese and about 10 pounds of thick-cut bacon, allowing 1/2 slice per 1/2.

Thank you so much! You're the best! I will recommend your website to anyone I know throwing a shindig :D