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Enchilad Casserole in 18 qt. electric roaster
Do you know of a recipe to feed about 40-50 for an enchilada casserole on an electric roaster? Or even if you don't have a recipe (I have my recipe I make in a 9 X 13 pan) can you tell me how much I can cook at once and how long it will take to cook? I would greatly appreciate any help!
In this case, I would do New Mexico style stack enchiladas, not rolled; you should only do a single layer rolled and that will take a lot of roasters.
You need 6 times your 9x13 pan as far as amounts.
Preheat the roaster at least 20 minutes before inserting the cooking pan. Keep heat at 325 to avoid overcooking the edges before the middle is done. If you are using meat, pre-brown it before adding. Spread a clean cotton dish towel across the top (to catch any moist drips from the lid) while it cooks, to keep the top from getting too moist, be sparing of the sauce, also, as it will not cook away as much as it does in the oven.