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School Picnic
Sara Bergsten
Help needed with a elementary school picnic
Attendance Expected 700-800
Adults 50% Children 50%
Hotdogs, Hamburgers grilled from pre made patties
Buns, condiments
Potato Salad, Bake Beans, Chips, Cookies
Drinks:Soda and Bottled Water

How much do we plan to buy of each of these items.

Hi, Sara,
I am always sorry to see a very large event with this menu, as it takes an enormous amount of grill space to produce the necessary quantities, which most events don't have. So, food is delayed, people get upset and cranky.

Count your adults as 1 person, your kids as 3/4 to figure your expected attendance. The use the plan for 100 lists and the beverage planning page and the dessert planning page to make some estimates- all these foods are covered. Buns and sandwich condiments are discussed on the sandwich event page.

Then post your estimates and I will be glad to check them for you.

But do go back to your committee and discuss doing sloppy joes, or pulled pork or beef instead of all or part of the hamburgers, MUCH easier to prepare and serve. The hot dogs can be done in large numbers simmered in electric roasters; MUCH simpler than grilling.