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Graduation Party
I am hosting a graduation party for approximately 75 people with the following food items but I am not sure how much of each I should plan on:

BBQ Chicken Wings
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Sloppy Joe's with slider buns
Chicken Salad with slider buns
Carrot & celery sticks/cauliflower/ranch sauce
Cole Slaw (was thinking 10 lbs)
Pasta Salad
(large) Watermelon fruit bowl
Chocolate Fountain w/ dippers
Crock pot of hot nacho dip w/ chips
Crock pot of hot chicken dip w/chips
Tortilla Rollups with salsa and guacamole
Tray of assorted crackers and cheeses

And, rather than doing a traditional graduation cake, we're going to do a variety of desserts:
Jell-o Poke Cakes (1 or 2?)
Trifle of Banana Pudding Dessert
Double batch Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats
Perhaps another....any ideas???
Thank you!

This is easier to get a handle on if you divide it up into parts.

BBQ Chicken Wings
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Need at least 1 pound wings per each 3 people, you decide how to divide flavors
Crock pot of hot nacho dip w/ chips
Crock pot of hot chicken dip w/chips
1/4 cup of each dip per person, 2 ounces chips per person
Tortilla Rollups with salsa and guacamole- 3 bites per person
Tray of assorted crackers and cheeses-2-3 ounces cheese, 1 ounce crackers per person

Sloppy Joe's with slider buns- 14 pounds burger,
Chicken Salad- 20 cups chicken (that is 20 pounds bone in whole) with slider buns
allow 3-4 buns per person- larger number for more guys

Carrot & celery sticks/cauliflower/ranch sauce 2-3 ounces veggies 1/4 cup dip, see veggie tray page
Cole Slaw (was thinking 10 lbs), 10 pounds cabbage plus dressing and fixings, ok
Pasta Salad5 pounds dry pasta
(large) Watermelon fruit bowl, see fruit tray page

Chocolate Fountain w/ dippers, see chocolate fountain article. These are not easy to manage.
Jell-o Poke Cakes (1 or 2?), 9x13? 2
Trifle of Banana Pudding Dessert4 9x13
Double batch Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats OK, will get dipped into fountain

See beverage planning page for beverages and ice

I was wondering how many boxes of pasta I would need to make a salad? I am also adding cheese and peperoni. I need it for abaout 130 people.
7-8 pounds dry if it is not the only salad. I use 6 pounds per 100 when there are many extras added.
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