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Need to know how much for a pot luck for 100-150p.
I am having a pot luck for 100-150 people in the month of August outside. It will be from 5 pm till 9 or 10 pm. I need to assign dishes and quanties to people to ensure enough beverages and food. Please check my quanties:)and if I have too much food or too little.
1.Slow cooker BBQ pulled pork. 6-6qt slow cookers. How many lbs in each slow cooker?
With 2 buns (size?) per person.
2.Veggie and Fruit tray 2 12 inch trays of each
3.Bagged Salad 4 3lb bags and 8 10z salad dressings.
4.Chips=6 bags
5. Pasta, Potato,cole slaw(I was going to have people bring whatever they want in this catergory)=about 4 1/2 lbs so maybe 4-5 people or more bring about a pound.
6.How many bottles of 8 ounce waters?
7.I am doing beer, alochol punch, and non al0chol punch. 12 cases of 24 cans. Alochol punch with pink lemonade, Vodka, and Sprite. Non Alochol Grape Juice and sprite. How much in terms of bottles?
8.100-150 cupcakes maybe cookies or something.
Thanks your website is awesome!!
Rochelle, this is very light in several areas. Also, 100-150 is too big a range. I will tell you what is needed for 100, you will have to increase another 1/2 for 150.

Slow cooker BBQ pulled pork. You need 38 pounds raw. 2 regular size buns.
You need sandwich fixings- see the sandwich page.
Veggie and Fruit tray- need much more- see the veggie tray page (at least 3 18 inch) and fruit tray page (at least 4 18 inch)
Bagged Salad 4 3lb bags and 8 10z salad dressings-OK
Chips=6-8 pounds. Need 6 quarts dips
Pasta (salad?), 3-4 gallons (6 pounds dry pasta plus fixings)
Potato (salad?), 4 gallons (35 pounds potatoes plus fixings)
cole slaw- 3 gallons
The beverages are covered in detail on the beverage planning page. If you are having all that punch, you do not need that much soda; 200 cans is more than enough.
You need 1 cupcake per person minimum, 2-3 cookies if added.

Hi, I just need something clarified as I begin getting ready. It is most likely going to be hot so I am serving bottled water for the guests,and non alcholic punch for non drinkers. And for drinkers I am serving cans of beer and alcholic punch. My question is since their will be several drink options how many servings do I need for each type of punch? I read somewhere that 1 bottle of vodka, 3 liters of juice mix is about 30 servings. Thank you
Since I have no idea of the age spread on your guests, I can't be too helpful on the amounts of alcoholic vs. non-alcoholic.

1 bottle of vodka, 3 liters of juice mix is about 30 servings, only if you plan tiny servings of very alcoholic punch, which won't be the best choice if the weather is hot. Add 4 liters of soda (7 up, ginger ale) to this amount to make 30 hot weather servings.