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Graduation BBQ Serving 50 -75
I have not a clue on how to cook for this many people. Simple menu - BBQ butts a friend is smoking for us (4), mac and cheese, green beans, baked beans, rolls, cake and cookies. Where do I begin? Looking for recipes and direction for shopping and cooking.
You have to decide on whether you are cooking for 50 or 75.

Amounts can be calculated using my plan for 100 tables and other planning sheets such as the beverage planning sheet and the dessert plan, 1/2 for 50, 3/4 for 75. All the foods you mention are covered. Many can be made ahead.

1 pound pasta to make a 9x13 dish for each 10 people.

There are recipes for these foods for 100 all over the site, most link through the big pots page.