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Reheating pulled pork for sandwiches at a wedding
I am serving pulled pork for 200 people for my daughters wedding. It's already cooked and has been frozen and will be thawed out the night before the reception. I want to reheat it in roasters. How long should I plan for it to get warm and at what temperature do I use?
It needs to be fully thawed in the fridge before reheating, time depends on how large and thick the packets are. It will fill 3 roasters at least. You preheat the roasters at least 20 minutes before adding the meat, to reduce scorching. No hotter than 325, well-covered, and as soon as it reaches 180 in the middle, turn down to 180. Again, timing depends on amount per roaster and temp of meat at start, as well as how saucy it is, allow at least 3 hours. Turn down if it reaches temp before 3 hours.