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Graduation Reception
We are planning a graduation reception for approximately 200 people (large family and lots of friends). I am thinking of serving pulled beef sandwiches, chips, pickles, potato salad, nuts, mints and cake. How do I determine how much to order? How much pounds do I get from the meat locker? How many buns? How much potato salad... this is my first and I don't know where to start. Thanks!!
Start by reading the bbq and brisket page and the plan for 100 page. Use the beverage planner, fruit tray page and veggie tray page for any of those. The sandwich makings and buns are discussed on the sandwich page. When you have read, take a stab at an estimate, post it, and I will go over it for you.
Thanks Ellen... please let me know if I should adjust the below amounts. There will be approximately 200 guests (that is the high end - better safe than sorry). Since its a grad reception and alot of others are that same day... I was thinking of ordering the following:

Shredded Beef in a Roaster = .25 lb/per serving... so, approximately 25-30 pounds

Buns... 28 dozen (336 total)

Potato Salad... 5 gallons

chips... 10 large bags

pickles... 5 large jars

cake... 1 sheet (96) and 1/2 sheet (48)

getting 8 cases of variety of pop and 4 cases (24 bottles) of water

Pretty good estimates. I would be a little nervous with less than 40 pounds of beef. I would get about 8 pounds of sliced cheeses for the side. A couple gallons of BBQ sauce? The really short is the soda- see the beverage planning page- unless you are really sure most people will take only one.
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