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BBQ dinner for 300
We are hosting a charity event for 300 people and need to know how many boston butts to cook. We will also have beans, chips and slaw. HELP!!
Peter, everything you need to estimate quantities is on the plan for 100 page, you just make 3 times as much. Assuming sandwiches, you need 35 pounds raw per 100; assuming plates, about45. Sandwich fixings on the sandwich page and check out the BBQ and brisket page for a good rub for the butts.
Pulled pork
I'm cooking for a weeding of 250 people;
I'm kaning pulled pork, Vegetable tray, and fruit tray, potatoe salad?
how much meat should I buy?
how much vegetable?
and potatoe?
Thank you for your answer
For buffet service for 250 you need 4-5 serving lines, 4-6 kitchen people, about 15 servers to set up, serve and clean up.

The meat depends on whether it is going on plates or sandwiches.

pulled pork, About 35 pounds raw boneless per 100, 1 quart sauce per 6 pounds for cooking, 1/4 cup sauce per person for the table.

These items are covered in detail on the plan for 100 page, the veggie tray page and the fruit tray page. Use 2 1/2 times the amounts for 100. If you want to post your estimates, I will check them.
Vegetable tray,
fruit tray,
potato salad

You need an appetizer table for the hour between the service and the arrival of the couple for dinner after photos, especially if there are children among the guests. Punch and 3 items, at least. 2 table areas for this many people, both the same.