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Wedding at the end of June - 100 people
Thank goodness for this site! I just want to run my 'rough-draft plan' by you and get a few quantities worked. We have had a difficult time deciding on this menu so any suggestions are welcome!

Approximately 100 people, possibly more and I will add the percentage as the RSVP's continue to roll in.
Cocktail hour is from 4:30 on, Dinner at 5:30ish, All Buffet/Self-serve

Cocktail Hour/Appetizers:
Spinach Queso Dip - ? how much
Salsa - 3 gallons
Tortilla chips - 18lbs
Shrimp Cocktail - 20lbs
Cocktail Sauce - 2 gallons
Fruit/Melon Spread, somewhat adapted from your 100+ table:
(1) 18+lb Watermelon
8lbs strawberries
6 pineapples
& any other fruit or berries on
a decent seasonal special I'll pick up
Assorted Cheese Tray - 20lbs
Assorted Crackers - 6lbs

Chicken Sausage & Peppers - 1lb ea. per 4 people
Meatballs - 4 per person
Cheese Ravioli - 3 per person
Roasted Summer Vegetables (Onion, Summer
Squash, Eggplant)- 26lbs of each?
Tossed Salad - I used your 100+ table
Ranch - 1 gallon
Balsamic Vinaigrette - 1 gallon
Baguettes sliced - I used your 100+ table
Butter - I used your 100+ table

Other:in smaller dishes in several locations at the venue:
5lb Jordan Almonds
5lb Buttermints
5lb Mixed Nuts - no peanuts

I planned on 6 gallons of unsweetened tea, 6 gallons of lemonade, 2lbs of coffee, 1 bag of sugar, 1 box of sweet n low packets, 1 carton of 1/2&1/2, 3 bottles of water per person and we also have a full bar offering cocktails, beer, wine and sodas.

Thank you so much in advance! Thank you for your work to put this website together and maintain it. It really is wonderful :)

This looks good, very generous appetizer table. I would probably do 12 pounds chips and 9-10 pounds crackers, cut back the salsa to 2 1/2 gallons and do 2 1/2 gallons queso. The shrimp is good, but be SURE to put out only part at a time and to increase if the count goes above 100.

I would use only 1/2 the onions compared to the other vegetables, add a rice pilaf dish or orzo, and get 6 pounds each of the Jordan almonds. nuts, and butter mints.