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I'm having a 80th birthday party for my dad,60 adults will be attending, On the menu is Filet Mignon with brandy and mushroom sause, Chicken Picca, Baked Ziti, Mixed Veggies, Salad and Rolls & butter... I need a Potato dish. I was thinking Scalloped because I could make them in advance, but would really like to do roasted red garlic. Not sure If they can be done in advance and re heated.. what do you think would be my best choice for a potato?
Thank you
People love scalloped potatoes, and roasted do not reheat too well- I would go with scalloped.
Wine and Beer
How about Beer and wine for 60 adults,, How much should I purchase? I'm also serving bottled water, Soda, Coffee and tea..
This is tougher, because I don't know the age mix or the length of the party, but I would buy from a store which allows returns of unopened and then get 2 beers per PLUS 1 bottle of wine per 4, counting only the drinkers. You will have some left, but everyone will get some of what they like.
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