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baby shower
I am planning to host first baby shower! I had planned to make several roll-up appetizers but since I now know there will about 50 ladies [or so] attending I'm thinking that is not such a good idea. It will be outside at a park with some electricity. I was thinking of some fruit salad and a dip, the appetizers [all cold and roll-up style]. have any creative make ahead suggestions?
Rollups would be fine. Sliced cukes (4 large make 100 slices) as a base for hummus or another dip/spread- like crackers but they don't get soggy- popular with the ladies. Fruit trays (not slad) with dip, great, see the fruit tray page. Relish tray from the veggie tray page. Good cheese log or spread. Deviled eggs, if you have more time than money.