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Graduation for 300 plus people
I am making sloppy joes for my son's graduation. We are planning on 300 plus people, it's open house, so it's hard to know exact amount. How much hamburger would I need? We are also doing baked beans, and wondered how many gallons of that? And nachos and cheese, the nacho sauce we are buying comes in a gallon can, so I also need help with that amount, as well as how many watermelons? Thanks so much!
I would make 90 pounds worth of burger into sloppy joes, 9 gallons of baked beans, 9 gallons of nacho cheese (but don't open the last 3 until you see how it is going). Watermelon, allow 1/2 pound whole minimum, up to 1 pound whole if it is the only dessert.