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BBQ Birthday Party for 25-30 people

I think your website is great. I was planning the following, but I didn't know if I would need more of anything (especially sides) after reading some of your information.

10 lb cooked pulled pork
5 lb cooked beef brisket
48 pieces fried chicken (1/2 white 1/2 dark)
5 lb potato salad
5 lb mac and cheese
5 lb baked beans

I will also have cornbread and rolls to make pulled pork sandwiches.


Hi, Shelley, I would use a different distribution of the meats and sides for this crowd for this menu.

10 lb cooked pulled pork-OK
5 lb cooked beef brisket-8 pound
48 pieces fried chicken (1/2 white 1/2 dark)-no more than 30
5 lb potato salad- you need a gallon
5 lb mac and cheese- OK
5 lb baked beans- you need a gallon