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grad open house for 200
Serving pulled pork and pulled chicken (31#) each pre-cooked--want to keep it warm for 3 hours. Can I use an 18 qt electric roaster to do this--will one roaster hold 31 pounds of meat? Should I use hamburger buns or yeast rolls to serve with meat? Also--looks like I need about 8 gallons of coleslaw from other posts? How many cans of beans that come in a 117 oz can for baked beans? Plan to cook these the night before-how long and what temperature? Will be serving strawberries/blueberries mixed as a fruit-do I need to slice the strawberries and will they become soggy? How many of each berries? thanks so much
You need 2 roasters for 31 pounds, and most people use hamburger buns, but get good ones.

About right on the slaw if it is just fr topping the sandwiches. The #10 can of beans is 20-25 servings. You do not want to cook canned beans the night before and then try to chill and then reheat them; they don't chill easily and thus go sour/bad when reheated.

Cutting the strawberries, depends on the size, they don't get soggy, bur if they are not sweet slicing and a little sugar helps. I allow 1 quart of berries for 8 people.

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