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carnival food
I am doing a adult birthday party with a carnival theme. It is an evening party for 80-100. The menu is cotton candy,peanuts in shell. soft pretzels with mustard, and mini hot dogs with gourmet toppings such as, mango red curry kraut, blueberry tarragon kraut and maybe 2 more toppings. Do you have other topping suggestions? How much should I charge per person as this is a pay at the door buffet.Am also thinking of adding onion rings. I know the prices very depending on where you live(Michigan) but I am stumped on this one. Thanks
Fried anything is a bitch at such functions...

Do a Southwestern themed topping with chili and cheese, chopped onions? Or an oriental topping with kimchee? or a Chicago dog with sports peppers, etc.?

Some kind of ice cream or soft serve?

Charge is usually 3-4 times the food cost.