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plated dinner for 200 people
I am doing a seated dinner for 200 people but was a little unsure on how much of each food to purchase. Its a middle Eastern themed party and there will be two courses

First course is Greek salad (plated)
-Feta cheese
-olive oil

Second course is saffron Persian rice with mixed Mediterranean and one chicken kabob and one ground beef kabob (small kabobs)

-ground beef
-basmati rice

mixed vegetables
- asparagus
-bell peppers

can you give me some advice on the amounts of food especially the rice and different proteins, i should be purchasing (I have an idea but just want to make sure im on the right track)

I suggest the Greek salad for 100 done twice:

scroll down the page.

For the other, 1 pound ground beef PLUS 1 pound raw boneless chicken for each 4; about 10 pounds of rice

I would buy 1 pound of asparagus for 6-8, 1 pound onions for 8, 1 pound bell peppers for 6, 1 pound zucchini for 6. These are raw weights, you will lose 1/3 to 1/2 trimming and cooking.

for the rice do you have a saffron rice recipe?
I make mine with real saffron, raisins or barberries and slivered almonds, but have never measured- this might help- the crust (tahdig) is important.