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Afternoon Wedding reception
Sandy B.
First of all - thank you for this wonderful site! I have been asked to cater a wedding reception for 200 people at our church and I've never done anything this large before!
The chosen menu is Punch, coffee, fruit and dip, crackers and cheese spread, chocolate-dipped pretzels (done ahead) and nuts. They will also have a wedding cake.
The wedding is at 2:00 and this is all the food planned. According to your quantities, I need 6 times the amounts listed for each item on your pages (3 times the quantity because of the type of reception for 200 people). That seems like a lot of crackers and nuts - 36 lbs. of each. Also for fruit - 30 - 36 pieces each? I was thinking of 10 crackers per person and 15 pieces of fruit per person, but I must be thinking too small. Should I just go with your quantities? It just seemed like a lot in those couple of areas.
Thank you for any help!!
Sandy B.
Never mind the fruit count from the above question - I multiplied too many times :D
Yes, 12 pounds nuts and 12-18 pounds pretzels. And this is really not enough food. They need to add at least 2 more items- such as appetizer platters or dips and chips, relish or antipasto trays.
about 4 cookies or bars per person in addition to the cake would be another possible choice. Can be made ahead and frozen...
Sandy B.
Thank you so much for your help!! After reading through your site, it didn't sound like enough to me, either. I will run it by the family. Great suggestions!
Good. Remember, if you run out of food, a particular disaster at a wedding, it is ALWAYS the caterer's fault (even if you were doing exactly what they asked.) It can ruin your rep.
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