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Grad party for 150
Hi Ellen,
I've used your expertise in the past and found it very helpful.
I've done a lot of research, including your site but was wondering if you would tweek the amounts if nec. and give any tips.
Again, it's a grad party for 150 at 4-5pm.

Beef-30 lbs.
Pork-18 lbs.
Hard/Soft Shells=300
Lettuce=126 oz.
Cheese=21 lbs.
Tomatoes=50....vs canned?
Hot/Mild Salsa=2 gal. (or 1 gal + 3-16 oz jars)
Sour cream=42 c.
Green onions=15 bunches
Black beans=20 cans (300 oz)
Refried beans=17 cans (2 gal)
Spanish Rice-12 lbs. dry
Corn Cake==I would have about 8 servs/pan. Should I provide only 150 servings???
Vegetable tray and Dip (6 cups)
Carrots=4-5 lbs.
Red/Yellow Peppers=12-14
Cherry Tomatoes=5 qts
Mexican Roll-ups= I was thinking about 10 roll-ups per tortilla.....20-30 tortillas?????

???Do you think it's too much with the rice and corn cake...and both beans?

I appreciate your help and thank you in advance for your opinion!!!!!!

Pretty good plan. Yes on the corn cake.

You might have some beans left, probably not too much.