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Outdoor Wedding Buffet for 80
Hello. I am planning an outdoor wedding reception for 80. Will be buffet style and invitation will read "Hors d'oeuvres reception to follow" and will start around 6.

Here is the plan so far:
Veggie Tray with dip-3 large (serves 20-25)
Cheese and crackers-4-5 lbs cheese
Potato Salad-10 lbs
Pasta Salad-8 lbs
condiment tray for sandwiches-lettuce, tomatoes, olives, pickles, onions
Rolls/Croissants-100 servings
sliced lunch meat-ham 15 lbs
sliced brisket-16 lbs

Dessert Table:
1-Red Velvet Cake - double layer
1-Chocolate Cake - double layer
1-Carrot Cake - double layer
Cookies - chocolate chip (100)
Brownies- (100)
and some other type small dessert (mini cheesecake or pecan pie) (100)
Also, the groom is a police officer and the "cake" will be a doughnut tower. Probably about 60 glazed donuts or so.

Drink Station:
Unsweetened Tea - 8-10 gallons
Sangria - 4 gallons
Beer - 1 keg
Champagne - 16 bottles (for toast)

Do I need to add anything else? Maybe chips and salsa or some other type of finger food/appetizer? Thanks so much for your time/help!!

Hi, Kim,
If the groom is a police officer, I am betting that at least some of the guests are too, and even though you have marked the invitations "Hors d'oeuvres reception to follow", because of the timing, you have to provide enough food for a meal level quantity.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be too expensive, and you are already well on your way to having enough.

Here are my suggestions:

Veggie Tray with dip-3 large (serves 20-25)- OK
Cheese and crackers-4-5 lbs cheese- I would do 10 pounds, at least half slices which could be used with the sandwiches, and for vegetarians
Potato Salad-10 lbs- this is inexpensive. I would do 20 pounds
Pasta Salad-8 lbs-OK
condiment tray for sandwiches-lettuce, tomatoes, olives, pickles, onions
mayo/mustard- See the sandwich event page, use 3/4 the amounts for 100
Rolls/Croissants-100 servings- at least 120, and I would have some back just in case. Baskets of sliced variety breads are an option and very attractive on the tables.
sliced lunch meat-ham 15 lbs- go 20
sliced brisket-16 lbs- go 20

1-Red Velvet Cake - double layer- OK
1-Chocolate Cake - double layer- OK
1-Carrot Cake - double layer- OK, but consider 2 9x13 instead
Cookies - chocolate chip (100)- do 150 smallish
Brownies- (100)- do 150 smallish
and some other type small dessert (mini cheesecake or pecan pie) (100)- OK. Pre-made cheesecake bites are better quality than most frozen pecan tarts.

With 80 people, if you have help, deviled eggs are a possibility- about 7 dozen eggs- I have a how to for large quantities on site.

Fruit trays would be a very nice addition to this menu.

Coffee- see dinner coffee on the beverage planning page
Unsweetened Tea - 8-10 gallons- probably 5 is plenty
Sangria - 4 gallons- OK, with the beer, but this is just enough for about 30 people
Beer - 1 keg
Champagne - 16 bottles (for toast)

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