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Charitable Breakfast for over 800 people
Cary R.
We are planning our annual Breakfast in the Park fundraiser and switching up the menu this year. We are expecting over 800 people to attend. Our menu will be pancakes, sausage, eggs, bananas, grapes, watermelon, bagels, juice, coffee and water. I am looking for assistance on the quantity of each item above we should either purchase or ask a donor to cover. The event is low cost and open to the public so we get children, adults, seniors, etc. We will operate two buffet lines and re-fill as needed throughout the event. Thank you for your assistance!
Hi, Cary,

First, I can't urge you strongly enough to drop the pancakes and serve muffins instead.

Pancakes take a LOT of griddle space, are hard and rather messy to eat, require knives and forks and fixings and don't reheat well. People really like muffins, they can be made ahead and frozen, they are easy to eat and do not require a knife and fork.

Second, with 800 people, even allowing 2 hours, you need 8 lines or 4 two-sided lines. If you serve less than 2 hours, you need even more lines (another reason to skip the pancakes).

pancakes, go for muffins as noted above
sausage, 2 pieces or links per person
eggs, see plan for 100 table- breakfast planning
bananas, grapes, watermelon, see fruit tray page

bagels, only 1/2 per person if you have muffins, You need cream cheese, 1 ounce per person, and jelly or jam 1 ounce per person

juice, coffee and water. See beverage planning page.

Good luck. Write back if I can help further. I am very serious about skipping the pancakes.

Cary R.
Hi Ellen,
Thank you for the great infomation! I will share this with the food commmittee for the event and see what direction we can go in. I'll be in touch again if we have more questions, this is very helpful!