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How much room to heat and store?
I am feeding 50 people, planning on bone-in chicken breasts. How many breasts fit into a half size catering tray for reheating? I am trying to imagine how we'll get all this stuff reheated to serve.
This is why boneless breasts are so popular- they take up about half the space for reheating. If reheating best to do with/in a sauce, esp. breasts. See the orange Dijon wedding chicken on the big pots index for reheating directions.

Breasts vary fro, less than 5 ounces to nearly a pound, so my best advice is, get some for a family size meal to fill a 9x13 pan; a catering pan usually holds 2 1/2 times a 9x13. This varies too, though, as they can be 2 1/2, 4, or 6 inches deep.