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prosecco bar
I'm having a bridal shower for my daughter with 31 guests. I'm setting up a prosecco bar with pitchers of orange juice (mimosa), peach nectar(bellini)and creme de cassis (kir royale). How many gallons of oj and how many jars of nectar should I have? I anticipate people drinking 3 flutes...some might only have the prosecco. Will also offer white wine.
You fill the flute 3/4th full of bubbly and then top it off with the fruit puree or nectar. So for 3 flutes, you need 1/2 bottle of prosecco per person plus a bit- I would get 18 bottles.

Usually the nectars are 3-4 cups per bottle. Allow 1 cup per person, maybe 6 of each? Plus a gallon of OJ. You will have some nectars left, maybe some prosecco, but they keep.

Have some good quality ginger ale for non-drinkers.

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