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Finger Foods
I am trying to figure out the amounts for 500 people for an outside groundbreaking event.I hope i have figured out correctly.Fresh veg.(carrot sticks,celery sticks,broccoli and cauliflower florets and green,red,and yellow peppers, about 65 lbs.each plus cucumbers 35 whole,cherry tom. about 20 lbs.9-64ounce jars of black and green olives,mini baby dills,small sweet pickles,and sweet banana peppers. Fresh fruits, oranges?, grapes green and red seedless 150 lbs.each. I'm totallly lost with the rest of this items cantalope,honeydew,watermelons, as for strawberries 20lbs.Cheese cubes 100lbs. Please let me know if I'm making the right amount on this items. For sandwiches our choices are sbout 40 sandwices per. 100 people of tuna, chicken,pimento and egg salad. Plus 6 large bags of a variety of chips per. 100 people. all your help is welcome. Thank You!!!!!!
Diane, is this over a mealtime or mid afternoon? It really affects amounts. Also what drinks will be served and how long is the reception?